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Lexus Key Repair in Pensacola, FL

All of our locksmith services and products are fully guaranteed.  You may someone cheaper, but you won’t find
anyone better!

  • Lockout Service

  • Lost Key Replacement

  • Transponder Key Programming

  • VATS Key Origination and Duplication

  • “Chip Key” Origination and Duplication

  • Proximity Fob (Prox) Origination and Replacement

  • Replacement “Shell Keys” (For broken remote-head keys for all major brands)

  • Additional and Replacement Remotes and Programming

  • Replacement Blades for Broken “Switchblade” Keys

  • Re-keying Vehicle Locks (If the wrong person has your keys!)

AutoLock Solutions serving the Pensacola, FL and Gulf Breeze, FL areas, offers a full line of automotive locksmith services, ranging from duplicate keys to Lexus / Toyota computer “re-flashing.”  We specialize in transponder key programming and origination.  We can generate new keys if all the keys have been lost for traditional locks systems, high-security “laser-cut” keys, and even the “Tibbe” system used on some Jaguars and the Ford Transit Connect. 

Here are some of our more popular locksmith services:      

AutoLock Solutions

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