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All of our Pensacola auto locksmith services and products are fully guaranteed.  You may find someone cheaper, but you won’t find anyone better!
  • Car Lockout Service
  • Lost Key Replacement
  • Transponder key programming
  • VATS key origination and duplication
  • “Chip Key” origination and duplication Prox Fob (Proximity Fob) origination and replacement
  • Replacement “shell keys” for broken remote-head keys for all major brands
  • Additional and replacement remotes and programming
  • Replacement blades for broken “Switchblade” keys
  • Re-keying vehicle locks when the wrong person has your keys
AutoLock Solutions in Pensacola, FL offers a full line of automotive locksmith services, ranging from duplicate keys to Lexus / Toyota computer “re-flashing.”  We specialize in transponder key programming and origination.  We can generate new keys if all the keys have been lost for traditional locks systems, high-security “laser-cut” keys, and even the “Tibbe” system used on some Jaguars and the Ford Transit Connect.  Here are some of our more popular services: 

Beginning in 1996 many vehicles came equipped with a transponder-based electronic anti-theft system. 
These systems have greatly reduced vehicle thefts, but have also increased the cost of keys and key replacement.  A transponder is a tiny radio-frequency computer chip embedded in the head of the key.  This device communicates with the computer in the car when the key is used. 
If the car does not recognize the transponder the vehicle will not

What is a transponder, and why do they cost so much?

AutoLock Solutions is owned and operated by Steve Young, who has been serving the Pensacola area since 1973. Steve is not only a Pensacola auto locksmith; he is also one of the best known authorities on automotive lock systems in the world.  He has taught automotive locksmithing all over the US and overseas.  Steve is the author of two automotive lock service manuals, and has written articles for all of the major locksmith publications.  In 1999, Steve received the most prestigious award in the locksmith field, the Philadelphia Award


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